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forget my name... [entries|friends|calendar]
branded with names that i resent

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9 hundred milligrams of love has be in disarray

so you think that you are better. better than this; better than all. broken. [06 Jun 2004|07:24pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

im screaming out but you dont hear what i say.

i will write what i want in here.

and i will not censor: my opinion, my complaints, what i feel, pictures i post, and/or songs i quote; for anyone, and definatly not because you like/want/hate/want to be it.

so fuck off.

i know who i am, and for once i am comfortable with that person. i understand my flaws and i know my abilities.

you may want to work on that. get back to me when you all grow up and realize it doesnt fucking matter who likes the more 'hardcore' music, the most emo tearjerking song, who x's it up, and who knows more fucking song titles.

im grounded now; in my dreams i wish to fly away

3 hundred milligrams of love has be in disarray

[01 Jun 2004|03:42pm]
yeah. nice try. fucker.

4 hundred milligrams of love has be in disarray

the tragic famine of words unsaid, hours misspent... [17 May 2004|07:38pm]
little kids always need so much admiration and attention.

i love it.

when they do something all on their own, they need praise and affection.

they hold so much innocence.

i miss that.

then the world crushes them with perverse corruption and heartbreak...

theres a desire to validate this body. theres a need to eradicate this paradigm.

2 hundred milligrams of love has be in disarray

do you see that star; well ill meet you there... [10 May 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Anatomy Of A Ghost Breaks Up; Who Ya Gonna Call?
Posted at 05/09/2004 02:37PM by Lance Conzett
After a short year and a half together, Anatomy of a Ghost has broken up over apparent creative differences the band realized while attempting to write their follow up to last year's Evanesce. Instead of working around these differences to create an album they didn't support as a whole, it was decided that it would be better off ending the band before it got ugly. You can hear three of the ex-members in Portugal. The Man, who intends on releasing new music this summer. The last member of the band also has a project that is currently untitled. It's kind of funny how they cite differences as why the band broke up, and yet most of the members go on to form a new band. Go figure.

hundred milligrams of love has be in disarray

MEEP MEEP. [29 Mar 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | ...waiting for aniela ]



4 hundred milligrams of love has be in disarray

my millionth post today... [14 Jan 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | ...i want to be her ]

i give up.

20 hundred milligrams of love has be in disarray

friends only. [14 Dec 2003|11:25pm]
[ mood | crushed ]


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